“The involvement of the Board of Directors is an important aspect of business ethics in the twenty-first century. The attitudes towards health and safety at work are shaped by the bosses and do not depend on the size of the organisation.”

Leadership in the field of occupational health and safety, HSE, United Kingdom.


The protection of the health and safety of co-workers is one of the foundations of our Group strategy. The company strengthens and supports measures in this regard and involves both employees from all levels of the organisation and our sub-contractors.


  • We identify risks and plan and implement measures to prevent accidents.
  • We monitor machines and equipment and we carry out a day-to-day assessment of their condition.
  • We apply technical and organisational solutions to ensure safe working conditions.
  • We raise employees’ awareness and share knowledge concerning safety.
  • An efficient communication system — we report any risks we notice, and provide ongoing information about situations that may affect the health and life of our employees and sub-contractors.

logo porozumieniedlabezpIn 2015, we became a partner of the Agreement on Safety in the Construction Industry.

Objectives of the Agreement:

  • achieving a unified approach to OH&S;
  • development of common systemic solutions;
  • sharing information about the good and poor practices;
  • influencing sub-contractors (small and medium-sized building firms, where the accident occurrence rate is the highest) with regard to compliance with OH&S requirements.

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