Implementation of industrial projects in the energy sector and in industry in a broad sense. The design, engineering, construction and retrofit of facilities, and process lines for the energy sector and industry, as well as comprehensive execution of any large-scale industrial projects of varying complexity.

Erbud Industry is experienced as a General Contractor and Sub-contractor among other things of:

  • industrial facilities
  • process systems and production lines
  • industrial waste disposal and processing plants
  • environmental protection systems and auxiliary systems for power units (denitrification, desulphurisation, ash removal, coal handling and slag deslagging)
  • power facilities, so-called Small Energy Production (co-generation sources and boiler plants based on WR water boilers)
  • systems for secondary fuel feeding to boilers (biomass, RDF)

The Engineering Division also performs building and technological work for coal-fired units and steam and gas units. The projects are implemented on our own or in collaboration with recognised partners in the field of engineering and technology.

Engineering Division competencies:

  • project management
  • coordination of the engineering process
  • organisation of supplies and services
  • construction and erection operations and project management
  • OH&S
  • quality control

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